Handling Solutions for Powder and Granular Materials

Powder and Granular Materials Handling Solutions from the Materials Handling Experts in Cheshire

SGH Equipment provides equipment and process solutions for the safe handling of all types of materials. Specialising in bulk handling of powder and granular materials, we can design, supply and install systems to meet the ever increasing and challenging demands of modern industry.

We will also offer solutions for both liquids and gases for your flow and pressure control requirements.

Powder and Granular Material Handling Equipment Cheshire

Our main equipment range includes Storage Silos & Vessels, Silo Safety Systems, Discharge & Flow Aids, Valves & Actuators, Conveyors & Feeders, Dust Filters & Collectors, Mixers, Blenders & more.

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Powder and Granular Material Handling Services Cheshire

Service capabilities cover Fabrication, Mechanical, Electrical and Automation, with full design, manufacture, installation and commissioning services available. Software support and instrumentation services.

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Applications for Powder and Granular Material Handling Equipment Cheshire

We operate in a wide range of industry sectors and potential applications of our products include minerals, chemicals, feeds, petfoods, cereals, foods, water treatment, fine chemicals and pharmaceuticals.

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