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SGH News Item: New Packaging Concept

New Packaging Concept

SGH Equipment Limited U.K. Agents for Cetec Industrie introduce a new concept machine for Clean Bagging®

Press release  

Chancelade le 29/03/2011

In response to customer feedback, the development of Clean Bagging® is a major innovation in bagging machine concept and design.

Each machine is now partitioned in the longitudinal direction.

The rear section includes all the drive parts, motors, pumps, dispensers, all the parts which are sensitive to dust and corrosion. Only the mechanical parts which must be in contact with the bag are in the front of the bagger.

The advantages of this concept are evident in several respects.

The main advantage is the considerably improved standard of hygiene provided. In terms of cleaning, only the front compartment is likely to be in contact with the product. The parts in this section are designed to prevent product retention with reduction of the screw heads and suspended transport bag etc. The accumulation of dust is produced at ground level and is easily cleanable. The lack of retention of product also helps prevent cross-contamination between the different formulations.

This innovation undoubtedly falls within standards of hygiene and good practices such as HACCP.


The two compartments are strictly separated; the mechanical transmission between the two parts of the machine is permitted by a sliding sleeve. The rear compartment is separated so no particle or product is drawn to the motor parts. The wear of mechanical parts, especially when using corrosive chemicals, is also reduced.


With improved hygiene and reduced maintenance, the concept of Clean Bagging® produces real savings with reductions in cleaning and downtime costs.

Cetec Industrie applies this principle to all baggers in manufacturing. Only the level of tightness remains flexible. The markets most acceptable to this concept are those of corrosive products, food ingredients, milk powder, premix, and cross-contamination with prohibited products...


About Cetec Industrie:

Cetec Industrie is a company that designs and manufactures goods in the packaging of granular and powder bags for 35 years. Cetec Industrie conducts dosing, bagging, closing lines, sleeve wrapping and palletizing on all sectors of production such as pet food, kitty litter, flour, powdered milk, food premixes, chemicals, coal Wood...

Cetec Industrie now has 80 employees at its site in Chancelade in the Dordogne, and has an annual turnover of 9 million Euros of which 40% are exports.


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Cetec Industrie, Za les gabarres 24650 Chancelade. Tel: +33 5 53 02 85 00 Fax: +33 5 53 02 85 10. Site internet: www.cetec.net / E-mail general: cetec@cetec.net


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