Handling Solutions for Powder and Granular Materials


SGH Business Partner Euromilling

Euro Milling a/s is among the leading producers of grain grinding machines. Manufacturing hammer mills for virtually any purpose, from small to laboratory use, the slightly larger for agricultural purposes and large industrial mills used for bio energy, Food, chemical and oil industry.

SGH Equipment and their partners give their assurance of good, stable products that will operate for many years.

For the following:

Processing Machinery Standard Product line:

  • Hammermills and Granulator's
  • Rotary Airlock feeder's and rotary valve's
  • Industrial mixers and ribbon blenders
  • High-pressure pneumatic conveying system
  • Industrial filter's and vacuum cleaner
  • Stainless steel solutions
  • Screw conveyor's, Auger Troughs and bucket conveyor

Contact SGH Equipment on Tel: 01270 619721 to discuss
Further Information is located on www.euromilling.dk

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