Handling Solutions for Powder and Granular Materials

Complete Bagging Lines, Cheshire, Nantwich

PAYPER designs and manufactures high-performance bagging lines. Turnkey projects including dosing, weighing, bagging, palletizing and overwrapping.
  • Dosing and weighing: Wide range of dosing systems that adapt to the size, shape and fluidity of the product: gross or net weight, free-flowing or not, powdery, flakes or granulates.
  • Bagging: High-performance automatic bagging machines for open-mouth bags, valve bags and FFS-tubular bags. Also, filling stations for Big Bag production lines.
  • Palletizing: A wide range of robot and conventional palletizers for perfect pallet stability.
  • Overwrapping: End-of-line solutions for ideal finishing and protection such as wrapping machines and stretch hood machines.

More info at www.payper.com

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